Sunday, December 27, 2015

Decorating with Wall Pops

Recently I have been trying to come up with ways to decorate my home without breaking the bank.
I am an avid Hautelook shopper. If you are not familiar with Hautelook, shame on you. Hautelook is a flash sale website (and app) where many top brand names go on sale for a few days at a discount. Anyhow, they have products from makeup to home goods. I purchased some Wall Pops from there just to try out. I wasn't really sure where I would use them but I couldn't pass up a good deal.You can also buy Wall Pops from their website at

I purchased the black stripes. They are individual stripes that you can arrange on you wall in many different ways. I decided to just go for the stripe look and nothing fancy. I love these because you don't need any adhesive and you can remove and reuse if you wish.

Wall Pops
Before I began applying the stripes on the wall, I measured the wall across and from top to bottom. I wanted to make sure I had enough stripes to cover the wall.

I decided to apply the stripes vertically. After I decided what direction to apply them, I figured it would be easier to start by applying a stripe at each corner of the wall and then one in the center. I wanted to make sure that the stripes were evenly placed across the wall as well as top to bottom.

After the first 3 stripes were placed the wall was divided into 2 sections. I measured each section and determined the width of the stripes from the packaging and marked the wall with a pencil so that I knew exactly where to place them. I also made a few tick marks going down so to the bottom of the while so I could line up the stripes as I was applying them to ensure they were straight.

After all the pencil marks were in place in each section I began to apply the stripes. The application part is easy and quick. The hardest part and time consuming is deciding how to place them on the wall and measuring to get a perfect straight line and spaces in between.

The Final Look!

I have made some additional updates to the decor and furniture in this room. I will update soon!

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