Saturday, January 17, 2015

DIY - Storage for Your Sun or Eye Glasses

How many of you pin do-it-yourself projects on Pinterest? I know I do. I even have a board dedicated to projects I want to try. Anyhow, here is a cool one I did from a post I saw on Pinterest. It is a way to store your eyeglasses if you are like me and collect a bunch of them. But you can even use them for sunglasses if you prefer.

It was so easy to do that I don't think it even needs explaining. But for the purpose of letting you know where I bought the stuff (haha literally just one item) and the cost I will explain below.

I bought a pack of 2 wooden hangers at Dollar Tree, cost $1 duh!!. Gosh I love dollar tree. I have recently become obsessed but that's another subject. Now, where was I? Oh yeah, the hangers. I wanted them to match my decor so I spray painted one of them black. Then, I glued some rhinestones with Super Glue. Finally, I tied a bow on the metal part from a piece of ribbon I had laying around. I already had the spray paint, rhinestones, glue, and ribbon on hand so I didn't buy those specifically for this project.

So, it was that simple...see I told ya. You can pretty much do this with things you have around the house. You may not even need to buy a hanger if you already own wooden hangers.

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